Kent College Pembury - GRIT


Kent College Pembury is a private girls school located near Tunbridge Wells. The school wanted to highlight the beautiful countryside surrounding their grounds by showcasing their ‘Confidence Course’ in a short video. They also wanted to show grit and determination from the girls and break any stereotypes surrounding an all girls school. Using the video in various recruitment fairs in Hong Kong and around the world, they were able to gain interest for international parents wishing to send their children overseas.

The Confidence Course is a forest based obstacle and adventure course. With tires suspended over a lake, walls to scale, and tunnels to crawl through, the Confidence Course is both a challenge for the individual and the team as a whole. By capturing successes and failures, followed by group huddles and high fives, we were able to portray the team building process. The final shots are a great example of how the group come together as one of the girls gives a rallying cry and we can see everyone cheer.

If you look carefully you can see one of the girls wearing a camera mounted on her helmet. This gave point of view shots to create an effect of action adventure.

Challenges and Changes:

When first planning a Kent College film, the confidence course was only going to feature for a few seconds in a more general film. However, after viewing the footage, everyone agreed we would make it a stand alone film that could be shown on the website and in the reception foyer.

A feature of the film was using the word GRIT as an acronym for Generosity, Resilience, Independence, and Tenacity. When playing with how we could utilise this acronym, we decided that having title overlays would be too unnatural for the video. So we graphically placed the title sequences within the environment to create a more immersive effect. We all agreed this looked much better than distracting title sequences and created a dynamic and eye catching feature.

Originally the video began with the walkthrough of the forest path, however we wanted to highlight that the obstacle course isn’t some far away activity centre, but is actually within the grounds of the school. This unique feature is a profound asset to the school and needed to be shown. So we used the drone footage from above the school and used a zoom transition into the ground where the footpath begins.

Kent College Pembury