How to Switch Instagram to Business Page FAST

Not sure how, or didn’t even know you could Switch your Instagram to a business page? Well it’s something you definitely need to do. But don’t worry! You don’t need to clamber through 100s of articles or really know that much at all. Above is my quick 60 second run through of how to convert your Instagram page to a Business page ASAP.

It is an incredibly powerful feature that displays buttons and call to actions at the top of your page. For instance there is a button that users can press and automatically call your business. This is very powerful, especially for smaller businesses, who do most of their work on the phone. If you’re a trades person or a freelancer/consultant, the ability to have a call button is very useful.

I hope you have found the tips above useful and make sure to implement them right away! It takes literally 60 seconds, so there is no excuse.
Still not setup a Facebook Business page?

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