Social Media Management

Like, Share, Follow

We are all Storytellers. We have all heard the saying that everyone has a book in them. But it is Social Media that has enabled every individual and every business to reach out to an audience and become Storytellers at the click of a button.
At Travis Digital, we begin with the story. The personality of your business is key. It is what makes people interact and engage with your business. After all, it is ‘social’ media. We dig deep into what makes you, you. Whether it’s your Grandma’s recipe book or the childhood dreams of your founder. Each element of your story will drive your Social Media campaign. And it is why fans will be loyal and engaged with you as a brand.

Results worth Retweeting

Social Media would be nothing without tangible, data driven, results. And not just more Likes and Followers on your Facebook profile. These are important aspects but the ultimate goal of every business is to see financial results.

What makes Social Media so powerful?
Information is power, and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter give in depth analytics for your Social Media campaigns. With this information we can track the results, website page visits, income generated, and how to tweak for a more effective strategy month after month.

Facebook Ads:
Unlike traditional marketing methods, Facebook Ads have revolutionised the advertising process. Before PPC and Facebook Ads you had no choice but to pay a huge block of money up front for a radio/magazine/TV advertisement and hope for the best. Now we can manage hyper targeted Ad campaigns that drive prospects and repeat customers to your website, product launch, and social profile.

Optimised Landing Pages:
As a part of our package, Travis Digital doesn’t just drive customers to your website. It’s vital that when a prospect reaches your landing page, they want what you’re offering. We ensure high conversion rates by using proven techniques that get responses to your ‘call to action’.

Experts in Video:
Video content is the highest converting and most engaging format on social media today. And it’s growing, fast! Travis Digital is home to a professional video production team in house. We can also take your take professional photographs too! So who better to run your social media, than the people who can produce the best content?

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!