Should you buy a better Camera Phone?

Stick to what you do best?

People say, let the professional photographer take the photos. And you, the chef/accountant/CEO/doctor do what you do best. And I would agree, key product and personality shots do look better from a pro. But unless you are some millionaire celebrity chef/accountant/CEO/doctor who can pay a photographer on retainer to follow you around, then who is going to capture those in-the-moment pictures?

“Are you serious? I’m an accountant. There are no in-the-moment pictures.”

Office interactions, behind the scenes, charity events, and new projects launching can be great opportunities to take a few pictures for social media. Your profession is very important to those who need it. And showing what you do is crucial to building a picture of how your business serves clients. Social Media is your shop window and can help people trust you and understand what you can offer.

You may be moving into a new niche in your industry and want to highlight how you can serve them with a new piece of equipment. Or maybe time is of the essence and you can’t just bring in a photographer for 12:30pm today. Basically, it’s not always appropriate or viable to bring in a professional every time.

This is why it’s so important that you and your team get familiar with taking photos throughout the working day.

Many camera phones are now good enough quality that a stand alone camera will only give you diminishing returns. I get asked a lot about what camera to get, and often people wish they could just use their phone. The problem is, a good camera phone is going to be in the more expensive range. While this is true, and it’s always tempting to cheap out because, “I just want to check emails and make phone calls” you may be missing out. It’s not more expensive than a phone + camera + lenses + learning curve and workflow issues.

It takes years to really get your head around a camera and passion to put up with the often tedious amounts of work it takes to upload a decent photo. Sometimes my pro-grade camera stays in the bag because the picture is not so important it needs pro-grade quality. The ease of taking a photo on your phone and immediately uploading is significant. Even with modern cameras including wifi and bluetooth, the process can still be awkward and time consuming.

So what are great camera phones that will get you through the social media day?

Google Pixel – Rated the best smartphone camera ever, this will give you the best results camera wise. Image stabilisation is also great for when you are walking and filming at the same time. The Pixel is also very quick and response to use, so you won’t miss many photos in a rush and the battery life is amazing.

Samsung Galaxy s8 – Excellent camera that is very close in quality to the Google Pixel above. It also has a huge screen. So multitasking, whilst taking photos and copying over hashtags is very easy.

iPhone 7 – The best feature of the iPhone 7 is being able to take photos from two different focal lengths. Two cameras means you can get wide and zoomed in shots without moving your feet.

Honourable Mentions:
OnePlus 3T
Samsung Galaxy s7

Although this is not a comprehensive review, it may give you a starting point for stepping up your social media pictures game.

So don’t be so British. Show off when something great happens and get people involved in the conversation. So many opportunities can occur through social media and often it begins with the image. This can all begin with getting a better smartphone for taking photos.

As a professional videographer I don’t hesitate telling people to do a bit of photography and filming themselves. Because I know that certain circumstances call for a clean, professional look. But when you need authentic and quick clips, a phone will often do the job just fine. Let me know in the comments below what experiences you’ve had with camera phones and taking pictures for social media.

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