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Our Process

Video Production can be complicated if not done right. That’s why we have a tried and tested process to simplify the journey


Getting on a phone or video call is a crucial part of the process. Firstly, what are you needs and are we the right fit for you? Do you have a strategy in mind, and how could video play a part in your overall brand and marketing efforts? The call is where we clarify a lot of important aspects and get the ball rolling on working together.

This is where we get into the nitty gritty of what you need for your video and how we can go ahead and create it. Whether it requires locations, and actors, or if it’s an event that needs general coverage, this is where we lock in the brief and decide how the videos will be used on Delivery.

For the more elaborate shoots, that require hired locations and talent, more planning and scripting will be required. Budgets get more complicated and there are more moving parts. But the more time spent here, the more time and money saved later. This is a critical part of the process.

Lights, camera, action. This is the fun part, on location, filming and watching the plan come to life. Once the filming is done we take all of the footage back to the office for editing. 

Editing is arguably where the most creativity happens. Depending on the brief, animation assets are built, transitions and story are developed, and most of all the video begins to take its true form. We typical require 2-5 weeks for editing, however Fast Track Editing is available for quick turnaround projects.

Feedback is a critical part of the process. No matter how much planning takes place, there are always a number of changes required or further considerations. We utilise excellent annotation software which makes this often arduous process a breeze.  

Time to pop open the champagne, although best to wait until work has finished. This is where you can put your new videos to work. We always get in touch after 3 weeks to check-in on the progress of your video campaigns.

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