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If you pay any attention to the way marketing is going in 2016 then you will have noticed that content is a big deal. This creates two problems for people. What content should I produce? And, where the hell do I find the time? But first, it’s important to understand why you should be creating content in the first place.
Let’s begin with the principle. And that principle is: ‘Give value.’ I don’t care if you charge £1000 consult fee an hour for the kind of value you give out. The key is to give more value than you think is a good idea. If you give out too much value, people aren’t going to think, ‘Ha, sucker, I’m going to take that information and spend the next 40 hours learning and implementing it.’ No. And they’re not going to think, ‘Right, I’m going to start the exact same business and compete using the tactics shown in this article.’ No. People do not use content in that way. Give people value and they will be indebted to you. They will begin to value you and your business. And this emotional value will eventually convert into financial value.

How do I create content?

Content creation doesn’t have to be a full time job. And you don’t need a full time employee to implement this guide. You can create content in huge volume and at a high quality using very little (spoiler alert: Your Phone). The key is not to focus on what you don’t have (i.e. time, money, and equipment) but what you can utilise now to get started.

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Don’t fall into the equipment trap:

When people first commit to writing blogs or building a Youtube channel they can get carried away with the production value. You do not need professional equipment to create content. You do not need professional lighting and a £1000 camera. There are, however, examples of content creators who take it to the next level. Casey Neistat carries a back breaking arsenal of equipment to create his admittedly brilliant vlogs. And Gary Vaynerchuk has a full time cameraman who follows him around New York as he strikes deals and travels to meetings. But if you follow this mantra in the beginning, you will burn out. Trust me, I tried it. So below I will show you a bare bones content creation setup that almost anyone can use to get started:

smartphone-vlogI know, I know, big surprise James. But for those techno-freaks here are few links below you can view to add to your smartphone setup:

Using the above setup, you can create good quality content without having to dive in head first. And another bonus, it weighs barely anything.

What platform to use for Content Creation:

It’s 2016. The challenge is deciding which platform to use out of a hundreds. Admittedly, out of the hundreds, only a few stick out. For almost everyone reading you are going to want to focus on these five:

  • Instagram: Take a quick photo, upload an inspirational quote, or make a short video.
  • Youtube: Episodes and features work great here. Or vlog your experiences as you tackle the day.
  • Facebook: Upload live video, link to articles, air your opinions, and ask for reviews for your business.
  • Blogging (your website): A place for your social sites to link back to. Having a base for people to visit and gain a deeper look is essential.
  • Snapchat: A great way to engage your audience in a one to one style.And it’s not just for young teens.
  • Twitter: Linking back to your blog and sharing news.

Do you need to use all of them? No. It would be better if you did. But applying the 80-20 rule is essential in this case. Where are you most likely to get the most interaction and engagement? If you already have a following somewhere, maximise and leverage on your following. It will also allow you to have a quicker feedback loop. If your new content is not working then your audience will tell you. Consider niche specific platforms as well. If you get a lot of value from a closed network, then utilise that.


Comparing the size difference between the £2000 Sony A7s setup versus my Samsung S5 Smartphone

What next?

Go out and do it. There are thousands of tutorials and videos online if you get stuck at any stage. Not good at editing? Then Youtube is your friend. Need someone to write quality content? Utilise services like Upwork and Fiverr (from $5 per article). And never forget that your phone is a better camera than no camera at all.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all get down and produce more content. Good luck!

To ask any questions or find out more in regards to the content above then contact me here or head over to Travis Digital.