News came in today that partners in Social Media crime, Facebook and Instagram, have just got massive updates!

The new updates will give marketers and businesses a host of exciting new features to play with. And most of all, new ways to engage and build relationships with your audience.


Instagram’s new update allows the user to upload 10 images at a time to create a slide show effect. This allows the user to swipe to the right on your post and reveal new photos in a sequence. This new feature will offer your business a huge number of opportunities and creative abilities.

For instance, if you are a recipe channel or restaurant, you can show each stage of the process in a 10 step succession. And maybe even add a smiling face and full mouth as the last picture.

Are you an accountancy firm who is trying to explain a new tax law? Maybe create 10 text based graphics which reveal new components of the law to give your followers genuine value as they swipe to the right.

And of course, the obvious one is freeze frames of a cat progressively getting closer to the camera.

Let us know in the comments below what you will use the new Instagram feature for in your business.

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The new Facebook feature has a much more sales based opportunity. Introducing, Facebook Messenger Marketing! A bit like direct mail, or email, the new feature will allow you to interact with your followers in direct message chats on Facebook.

Now why would you want to do that? The feature is reserved to people who have liked your Facebook business page. It will create a very direct, personalised, and most likely, polarising effect.

Messenger has previously been reserved for friends and family. The ability to message real people will be an interesting one.

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However there is a lot of potential.

Say you have an offer on for Mothers Day, 10% off your meal at your restaurant. Imagine being able to message specific people who are fans of your restaurant and give them a discount.

Or maybe someone has been a loyal fan of your product for years. ‘Thanks Barry for your continued loyalty to our business. Here is a voucher for £50 to spend at our online store…’

Travis Digital looks forward to implementing some of these new ideas for our clients and hearing about your ideas and responses to the new updates!


Author: James Travis