Facebook Video Series

I have a new office space! Which is very exciting for me. But what does it mean for you?

You will be getting weekly videos from my lovely new desk space. Value driven content that will include:

  1. Social Media tips: How to utilise Social Media for your Restaurant, Instagram is not just for yoga instructors, and Why you’re Facebook posts are failing to grab attention
  2. Behind the Scenes footage of videography and editing: Have you ever wondered what actually goes into editing a full length Wedding Film? There is a lot more to it than you might think!
  3. News within the industry: Social Media is an exciting place to be with almost daily changes occurring. Keep up with Social Media Jones’ with Travis Digital

So follow the Travis Digital Facebook Page now to get regular content!

If you have been debating whether to get into filming for your business then sometimes all you need is a camera phone to get started. There really is no excuse in exciting time to leverage social media for your business.

For more information or looking to get started with your Social Media Marketing then head over to our contact page

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