DJI Phantom 4 Pro: Initial Flight

Wondering what the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro is like to fly in a forest? Well I wondered the same thing:

So today I am showing you my, maybe, third attempt at flying a drone, ever! And I decided it would be a good idea to head into a forest for a practically-still-a-virgin flight. It could have gone very wrong. Click here for all the drama and events in my DJI Phantom 4 Pro vlog.

Luckily my drone is safe and sound back in my office cupboard ready for it’s next flight. To cut to the chase, this piece of equipment is amazing. And although this isn’t a review of the drone, it may be worth talking it up a little for your interest. If you’re not technical, scroll down and watch those initial clips (and maybe follow me on Facebook for more).

The big difference (and why I just had to go for the bigger priced one) between the Phantom 4 and the Pro is mainly with the camera, but with a few changes to the body and controller as well. Now the image is noticeably better and comes with various improvements in the settings menu.

Who cares about settings? Well, in a professional setting, you want more control of all aspects of your image and movement. The original Phantom 4 had a fixed aperture and a fixed focus. The new Phantom 4 Pro has manual focus options and manual aperture/iso/shutter settings. Codec settings can be changed between H.264 and H.265 (really geeky stuff now) which is great for squeezing a little more quality out of your image, albeit requiring some intense beast of a computer to manage it.

The body itself, as far as I understand, has been given additional sensors. All this means in marketing terms is, ‘It will crash less’. So the more professional model is, for once, directly connected with ease of use (I’m looking at your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera a.k.a. the most stressful wedding shoot of my life). On the photo side, it now has a mechanical shutter, which basically means, it is a real photo camera. Not just a glorified screenshot of a video. This is better for many reasons, but if you want to know more, look up rolling shutter to see why it’s better to have a mechanical shutter.

Software changes give the DJI Phantom 4 Pro a couple of additional features. You can now set way points, where it flies around on it’s jolly way by itself. And you can follow humans and cars etc.

So it really is an amazing tool for video work, but also, completely fascinating as a piece of equipment. I am going to be trying out the Facebook Live feature. This allows you to stream directly onto Facebook, which is amazing and am surprised I haven’t seen it done more often.

For now, here is a short clip of my first flight. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get new videos and if you are in the local area (Tunbridge Wells) and this has peaked your imagination for your business, then get in touch.

Author: James Travis

Social Media Marketing Consultant and Video Producer