3 Easy Ways to Get your Content Shared

We all teach children from a very young age, that sharing is caring. But it turns out all of your Twitter followers have been brought up incorrectly! Well follow these tips below to get an overview on how you can write more shareable content. Whether it’s growing your blog or building your social following, shareable content is one of the keys to online success. Increases in traffic to your site improve SEO and make you an authority on your subject. It will also give you the chance to get talking with some bigger players in the community. So get started on building your online opportunities with these 3 ways to get your content shared:

1. Make ALL of your content shareable:

This may sound like a self fulfilling prophecy but it’s crucial to getting your content shared. Pay close attention to your previous content efforts. If they are lacking in quality people will begin to ignore your future posts. No matter how good you get in the end, if all of your previous blog posts are poor, people will learn not to click. Crawling your way out of a bad content hole is going to be harder than spending more time on your posts in the first place. A good article, if not great, can take some tuning to get right. But once you are satisfied it is good for sharing, send it out to the world.

Consider looking through https://app.buzzsumo.com/research/most-shared for topic ideas

2. Get your Blog Featured by Influencers:

Collaboration is an important factor in growing your online presence. If even 10% of another content creators audience sees your blog post, your chances of getting additional shares will hugely increase. Now multiply this over the 4+ blogs you are writing each month and you can start to see the positive impact. But this often starts with giving first. Often times you will have to go out and ask influencers to feature you as a writer. One way you can do this, is by offering articles that you know their audience will be interested in. Ultimately you have to be giving the influencer some form of value, otherwise they will likely ignore you. Give them shareable content, and you will get shared in return. Get going with a simple email of one or two lines that complements their blog and then suggests an article title that you could write for them. Even if you only get featured on 1 in every 10 blogs you approach, you still have a positive ROI thanks to the amount of traffic you get from this process. Over time you will become a more established blog and it will improve your SEO too.

Ryan Stewart shows great techniques for getting your article featured on bigger websites

3. Add Images to your blog post:

A simple way to improve your blogs and increase those shares is by adding a high quality image. This point is easy to ignore because often times it’s difficult to implement depending on your topic. If you can create a graphic or visual example of the steps you are describing then it will make the post more engaging. Not only that, but having an image is important in increasing engagement on your social posts. Tweets with pictures receive 150 more retweets than those without (source) and they can go a long way in enhancing the title of your blog post. Stock photos can be great but don’t overuse them. And we all know the lady answering your phone is not that model from 2001 with the pearly white smile. It just looks ridiculous. So make sure your photos fit your brand. If the image can truly reflect the content of your blog post, then you are set to gain more shares.

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Make great headlines:

The truth is, a lot of people won’t even read the full article before sharing it. This has given rise to the ‘fake news’ era where people react to the title without reading the article, not realising it makes little to no sense. You can use this nugget of psychology to your advantage however. You will likely know what desires your audience has. So it is up to you to serve it to them on a platter. The best way to do this is hit the nail on the head when it comes to knowing what people want. For instance, if you have been having a hard time getting your content shared, then this article will appeal to you. Using a number in the title can help sharing as it makes it look more approachable and bitesize. Showing that the steps are either fast, easy, or legitimate will also go a long way in increasing its shareability.

For instance, if you saw ‘12 Reasons Google Hates your Website’ how would you react? Personally, I know that Google is a huge authority and being in their bad books could be detrimental. Also, if the article is only 12 points, I feel that is manageable and will likely offer actionable points to help me improve. So consider this when you next write a title, does it create an emotional response and will the content offer actionable value to the reader? As a final point, don’t make the title too broad or unspecific. People will not waste their precious time on something that could, but might not be of value to them. Usually people read articles in between doing other things, like waiting in a queue, so make sure they don’t skip your article thinking it won’t be a good use of their time.

Good luck with creating more shareable content. To find out more, do not hesitate to get in contact

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